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We spent a lot of time in Epcot. In fact, we probably spent as much time here as we spent at the other three parks combined. There are two parts to Epcot - Future World and the World Showcase. Future World is a series of exhibits/rides that each focus on an educational aspect. The World Showcase is a number of pavillions, each stocked with restraunts, shops, and shows relating to that country.

Leaving a Legacy

See those large stone figures in front of the ball? That's a new item in Epcot called "Leave a Legacy." It was started with the 2000 celebration and still continues. On the front of those are metal plates, inscribed with pictures of people. Ken and I looked at those each time we came into this park. On our last day, we decided to spend the $35.00 to leave a legacy. So, if you go there, you can either go to West 6-H-10-8-5 and find us or search for Scott Nicholson on the system to find it.

Our Legacy at West-6-H-10-8-5

Future World

When you first enter Epcot, you are in Future World, which is like a huge science museum. Here is what we did and our thoughts:

The World Showcase

The other half of Epcot is comprised of a number of World Pavillions. We came back to Epcot a number of times to eat at different countries, and each time, we took in a few more pavillions. Here were some of the highlights:

Disney Magic at Epcot

Ken had his first encounter of Disney Magic while walking near the Innoventions area in Epcot. At first, the sidewalk looked normal:

Then we noticed something about it...

You could even say it glowed!

Here it is at night...

Oooooooh. Preeety.


Another enounter with Disney Magic came on the last day of the trip, as we were leaving Epcot. There is a rose garden, and a group of people gathered around a spot. We got up there and saw this...

Aww... a bunny eating a rose.

I would guess the bunny was used to people as the flash from cameras didn't bother him.


The final bit of Disney Magic happened after the trip, once we settled down. At the top of this page were two pictures - one taken by the Disney staff and another taken by me later on the same day. Notice in the top left-hand corner...

Notice something different? They were doing construction on the ball while we were there. The Mickey, 2001, and Epcot symbol were not there in real life.. it's Disney Magic!

Admittedly, it could be that this little Mickey appears on each picture you buy from them. But when you scroll back up and look at the picture, it appears that they are part of the ball.


Whew! This has been quite a trip.. but there's still more! Check out Cirque du Soleil at Downtown Disney, or visit another location.


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