Search engines often give you the option of choosing a language and of choosing whether to search just that specific site or the entire search engine. Make use of these options to get just what you want.

Several major search engines have versions that serve a specific country, geographical area, or language using a country code suffix. Some examples are:

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Searching for international information:
Do you want information in another language or from another geographical viewpoint?

Many of the larger American search tools provide searching services for other countries. Google, Yahoo and MSN
each provide options to search content in specific languages and from various countries.

Other listings of search engines across the world can be found at Searching the Internet. This page includes useful sites such as Search Engine Colossus.

Here are search engines for a few common non-English languages:

Chinese: Baidu, Sina

Spanish: Buscar, Cesat

Hindi: Raftaar

Arabic: Arabo, Ayna

Russian: Rambler, Yandex

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